Agent Testimonials for Myles

I recommend new and seasoned Realtors to consider a career at with Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty at the Fort Lee Office.  Myles Garvey, the Broker of Record, brings his extensive real estate experience to your real estate challenges.  He is always there to guide you towards navigating through your real estate transactions, in order to ensure your clients experience a smooth process towards their real estate buying or selling needs. 

This in addition to numerous resources in terms of learning and development opportunities within the company, provides a realtor with valuable resources to access in order to provide topnotch service to his/her client.  Additionally, the robust technological platforms for Buyers and Sellers enhances the high quality of service the Better Homes & Garden-Rand Realty Brand thrives to deliver to their clients.  

Amy Hernandez

Sales Associate

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, Fort Lee



I’ve been with Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty for a year and a half.Under the mentor-ship of my broker, Mr. Myles Garvey, I’ve seen my business grow and my level of confidence get stronger. Mr. Garvey has helped me reshape my approach by teaching me simple principles that are aligned with who I am: Being of service and value, sharing my knowledge and time with our clients. The knowledge that Mr. Garvey shares with all his agents is like that of an encyclopedia; it is admirable and translates directly into success in what we do. He is very generous with all the experience he is willing to share with us and always makes the time to answer any questions or concerns we may have. Above all, his warmth and kindness evoke a feeling of team and family, and not simply work.

His dedication and passion to our office and to the real estate business is exemplary and motivating. I am grateful to have the pleasure of working with Myles and look forward to learning from all the many things he has yet to offer.  


Juan Carlos Baltodano


Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


Myles is a great boss, very professional, prompt and has a lot of knowledge in the Real Estate field he is also caring, patient and honest, it is pleasure to work with him and he has now become a good friend.

Mia Forsberg-Villon, CIPS

Realtor Associate 

BHG RAND REALTY, Ft Lee office


My name is Yoe Lopez. I’m affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty in Fort Lee. When I joined BHG Rand Realty, I was looking for a company that would allow me to grow and help bring out the best in me. Six months in, I lost my main job working at a restaurant. I was at a crossroad that would define my life. I realized that this was my chance to decide whether Real Estate was going to be a career, rather than a side job.  Inspired by Tony Robbins, I decided to burn my boat and swim towards the coast!

That’s when I met Myles for a one-on-one coaching session and explained my dilemma to him. Myles was the manager that was always available, but it was only at this point that I decided to take advantage of that and start meeting with Myles every week in order to hold myself accountable. And boy did it pay off! As I grew and faced new obstacles, Myles was always there with critical and honest advice, inspiring me and giving me the confidence I needed to push myself further. If I could give some advice to any new agent at the Fort Lee office, it’s that the main thing in your way is yourself. Once you decide to overcome that, Myles is a great asset and an even greater friend. 

Yoe Lopez

Circle of Excellence Silver

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Gold

Broker / Salesperson



As an agent who needs a little more hands on-having Myles Garvey as my office manager and Liz assisting is the key to my success as a NJ realtor.

He is a patient, conscientious, socially aware manager. He adapts to your needs as an agent. Truly a great man. Comparable to Tom Coughlin.

If you are looking for an office and agency to help foster your growth as a realtor, you will not be disappointed with Myles as your office manager.


Mary Pearsall

Salesperson Licensed in N.J. and N.Y.

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty



Mr. Myles Garvey is a distinguished manager with a tremendous amount of knowledge of the real estate business.  He helps you elevate your business and he has taught me methods on how to grow my business.  After joining Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty over a year ago, I have also learned how to be a even better real estate agent with all of the training that Myles and the company provides.  In addition, Myles is very approachable and responsive when I need help or have a question about something.  He is a extreme pleasure to work with!

 Stacey Yates


Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


I am very fortunate to have an amazing, professional and supportive manager. Myles helps me with all questions regarding Real Estate, always providing the correct answers, which is very valuable to me. Myles is a highly experienced Broker-Manager and gets my best recommendation as a leader.

Maribel Marte

Sales Associate

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


Myles Garvey has been instrumental to my New Jersey real-estate business.  His vast knowledge and experience, along with his invaluable advice, suggestions and guidance has resulted in my success.  Most important to me is the fact that Myles always makes time for my questions and concerns regarding my transactions.  As a result, I look forward to continuing to grow my New Jersey business under Myles’ leadership!

NYSRE Associate Broker
NJSRE Sales Associate
Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, Gold


I’m a part time real estate sale associate who returned to real estate about 5 years ago after many years of being inactive. I started working for a company that I felt was not right for me as I needed training. A mutual friend referred Mr. Garvey as he had just accepted his current position at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty as Branch Manager/Broker. After meeting with Myles, I decided to transfer over to BHG. I’ve been with BHG Rand Realty for the past 4 ½ years as a part time sales associate.The purpose of this letter is to commend Mr. Garvey for the way he interacts with employees and what actions he takes to encourage our team’s success.

As a Branch Manager in Real Estate, I’m continually amazed by the up-to-date knowledge of Mr. Garvey in this ever-changing field. He is always willing to assist his sales associate in guiding them in every step of a transaction. He is available via phone, email, text or in person any time of the day. He always reaches out to us as soon as he is able.Myles works harder than anybody I have ever met, which is why our office has done so well in this business. Employees rely on him for honesty, integrity, and guidance.

Last year, I received the Circle of Excellence Bronze Award and Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty Silver Award as a part time sales associate.  I attribute my success to Myles who taught me marketing strategies and provided priceless guidance through my career.

Wishing you much success!

Mayra Hernandez

Sales Associate

CARTUS Relocation Specialist

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty / Silver

Circle of Excellence / Bronze



I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mr. Garvey for the past few years and I’d like to take a minute and point out what a great mentor he is. Myles, goes above and beyond for his agents in making sure of guiding them through their work, in making sure every client we work with has a happy outcome, and understanding both the needs of his agents and clients as well. I am honored to call Myles not only a great colleague but also a great friend!

Best Regards,


Rafael Aguirre

Real Estate Agent

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


Myles Garvey and I have worked together for the last 5 years since Better Homes and Gardens acquired our office at Prudential Adamo Realty.

Having worked with him as a peer and now as my manager/broker has been an enlightening and productive experience to say the least.  

To be honest, he is now  one of the reasons I stay with Better Homes and Gardens as he is always positive, helpful and encouraging in every way.

Also he totally believes in Better Homes and Gardens/Rand and what the company is doing for us with their many tools.  Daily he will reiterate to us what tools we can use that Rand offers to help our business.  When one believes in the people they work for (Rand), it will rub off on the other people in the office.

I have learned a lot about the real estate world from Myles.  He has even come on listing appointments with me, building departments for a large project I had and was unsure of, whatever I needed.

To be honest “real estate” is something someone has to “teach” you, otherwise in most agencies, you are on your own.  Myles makes sure that everyone is secure in what they are doing and if they are not sure he takes the time to explain,

I could go on and on about Myles, but bottom line he is a great manager, motivator with high integrity (my favorite trait) and honest (favorite trait as well).


Elaina Ventola


Relocation Specialist / Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


Dear Mr. Garvey,

The first day I came to his office, I remember

thinking that I made a terrible impression. My attitude was

coarse but through his mentorship and always having the

patience, he has always pointed me back in the right direction.

Without his guidance, I could have never even made

one sale. Thanks to Myles’ leadership I am confident in the

skills he has shown me and how to hone them in for myself.

The diligence of his team has saved more than one of

my deals from falling apart. Without his forethought, it

would have been impossible for a new realtor to navigate

the waters of this industry. For these favors, I am writing

this letter to thank him personally.


Sincerely, Thank you,


Spencer Mazzone

Salesperson / Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty


I’m a proud member of the Rand Realty BHG family. One of the main reasons why I picked this company to be my broker was because of the great experience I had the day of my interview with Myles.  He really showed the professionalism and guidance I was looking for and really did a good job explaining to me as a new agent, the world of real estate and he continues to do so every time I need him.
Thanks Myles!!!.
Alfredo Sanchez
Sales Associate
Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty